Gwent accountant is counting down the events as he reaches the half way stage in his fundraising ‘year of pain’

GWENT accountant  Gareth Pinder is half way through his ‘year of pain’ and counting off the events in his  12 months of fund raising.

Gareth, aged 39, from Newport, set himself the target of completing at least one gruelling fund raising event each month of 2023 in a bid to raise £10,000 by the end of the year.

All the money raised will be donated to Newport-based St David’s Hospice Care in memory of his father, Graham, who was diagnosed and died of cancer last year and who was cared for by the hospice.

Gareth, a director of  Newport-Based Parker & Co. Accountants, just completed the gruelling 101 km distance in the Dalmatian Bike Ride and is now set for an even more challenging event.

“The 101km event was tough. Te Cardiff Legends 70.3 Triathlon a 1.9k swim, 88k bike ride, 21.8k run is next.”

Gareth has already completed the Chepstow 10k; the Afan Fforest Hoka Half, the Newport Half, the 5k Kolor Dash, Newport, the Lydney Olympic Triathlon, 750m swim, 48k bike ride 10k run and the 105 mile Tour of Pembrokeshire.

How’s he feeling half way in? “The training is the hardest thing. I do at least one exercise a day with no rest so it’s a real toll on my body and I am definitely feeling it. I am starting to feel a real struggle to get motivated but it is all for a great cause: so head down and crack on!

“And yes, it’s a lot harder than I’d imagined when I set myself my target.  I didn’t think the training would be this intense, the events are actually not that bad as I have a rest day after them…sometimes!

“It’s the guilt factor as well as I do have to take a lot of time away from the family. Doing 10-plus hours of training a week is very demanding.

“What keeps me going is that when I’m in a real low place I just think about how my dad was in his last few days. He never moaned or complained about any of it and just accepted it for what it was. All I’m doing is running, swimming or cycling, so I can’t really moan so again I just think, head down and crack on!”

Gareth is encouraging people to support him and the hospice. “St David’s Hospice care are incredible. The more I complete these events the more people I meet who have had such positive experiences with them. They are such a worthy charity and do such amazing work in our community.”

“”My father, Graham, was diagnosed with and died of cancer in 2022. Throughout this time, he and my mother, Janet, were cared for and supported in the most exceptional way, by the carers at St David’s Hospice Care.

“Anyone who has either been diagnosed with, or has friends or family who have been diagnosed with cancer, will understand how devastating and cruel this disease is. But, incredibly, St David’s Hospice Care managed to alleviate some of the pain.

“St David’s Hospice Care provided the equipment and nurses to keep Dad comfortable and at home in Newport until the end, but they did so much more. They provided support to my mother, helping her navigate the situation, both practically and emotionally and they turned up and sat with the family during Dad’s final hours.

“The hospice does the most difficult job with incredible warmth, empathy and humour. They don’t work on auto pilot or just follow processes to ‘tick a box’. St David’s Hospice Care provide a truly essential service.

” I am raising money for the hospice, to help them continue to provide the exceptional care and support that Dad and my family received. I have never been more conscious of the fact that anyone could need the support of St David’s Hospice Care  at any time, and without notice.

“I’m glad I have completed half my programme of fundraisers. After the Cardiff Legends I have the Ironman Swansea, Tough Mudder 15k – 30 obstacles in August, Ironman Weymouth in September and the Full Ironman in October. Events in November and December have yet to be finalised.

“I’ve called this my a year of pain and it’s been tough but I keep at the forefront of my mind the fantastic care that my dad received from the hospice which keeps me going at the hardest and lowest moments of my challenge.

“All monies raised will go to St David’s Hospice Care. Parker & Co have agreed to pay all entrance fees and I will self-fund any travel required.

“If you can support me then please go to my just giving page and donate. To follow my progress through training and the events you can search for me on Strava and Instagram.”

You can support Gareth with a donation at