Corner shop that’s been left untouched for 20 years is on sale for £26,000

In the market for a property with plenty of history? This corner shop might do the trick… because it hasn’t been touched for 20 years, and still has old cans and jars on the floor.

That’s history, right?

The semi-detached property, in Ystalyfera, Swansea, is up for sale for £26,000.

While it was once a handy shop for residents, it was closed up and left in a state of disrepair, with a boarded up shopfront and dust and debris littering the interiors.

Vines have even grown through a former bathroom window, just to add to that abandoned feel, and rubble has fallen down the chimney.

Now, the property could make a first home or be turned into a new shop – but it’ll need quite a bit of renovation work.

Sean Roper, of Paul Fosh Auctions, who are selling the shop, said: ‘I could hardly believe my eyes when I pushed in through the front door and it creaked open for the first time in decades.

‘There, in what was once a neat and tidy corner shop, was the accumulated years of dust and decay.

‘There were even some of the former shops’ rusting cans and jars from years ago. It was really quite spooky that it had laid undisturbed all this time.

‘The garden seemed as though it was trying to invade the bathroom. Plants have come in through broken windows and have taken up residence in the actual bath.

‘It really is a place which is lost in time. There are the tattered remains of the last century material curtains and even a really old fashioned style ladies’ brolley and mac hanging on a peg as if left there by a previous owner after a shower.’

The estate agents reckon the building could work for retail purposes with accommodation on top for the shop’s owner, or could be used as a larger family home.

There’s also the option to turn the property into two flats, subject to planning permission.

‘It’s a real time warp gem which seems to have has quietly faded away over time as the rest of the world rushed ahead on its merry way,’ added Sean.

‘Where the property is situated allows ideal access to link roads to the M4 motorway and Swansea and also to the Brecon Beacons National Park and the Black mountains. The local areas are well served with a good range of shops, and local amenities.’

The property will go up for auction online from Tuesday February 2. If you’ve got £26,000 or more spare, keep an eye out and move fast.