Brynglas Tunnels M4 traffic jams deliver unexpected bonus for Gwent charity rock festival

A Gwent charity is experiencing the silver lining of the dark cloud of traffic snarled up at Newport’s M4 Brynglas Tunnels.

Newport-based financial advice firm Niche, whose head office overlooks the notorious tunnels, has posted a billboard promoting St David’s Hospice Care’s Portstock music festival on its building.

Niche, which also has a dragon on the roof of its head office, have at least 68,000 local commuters passing by every day (this does not include non-local traffic).

The regular traffic jams means eastbound vehicles come to a standstill at the Brynglas Tunnels with nothing much else to look at but the Niche posters.

Niche has agreed to do its bit to help promote the Portstock charity music festival, which takes place at Rodney Parade, Newport, this month.

Matt Wiltshire, managing director at Niche IFA, said: “Supporting Portstock, which has been created to help raise funds for St David’s Hospice Care, was the obvious thing to do.

“The charity does an amazing job, so if we can play a small part and help raise funds for them, we will.”

Niche has put up a large Portstock 2019 banner on the M4 facing end of their building.

Matt said: “Our location is perfect for promoting local companies and events to those passing by every day, so we thought it would be a great idea to erect a huge 4m by 3m banner promoting Portstock.

“If only a fraction of those passing by our office every day see the banner and buy a ticket, that will be a lot of tickets sold.

“The fundamental purpose of Portstock is to raise money for St David’s Hospice Care, so we will certainly be encouraging people to buy a ticket and have a great afternoon at Rodney Parade.”

Adrian Hadley, deputy CEO of St David’s Hospice Care, said: “The support shown by Niche has been great. We know that the poster will now be seen by thousands of people and we hope Niche will continue to support us in the future.”

Portstock 2019 will feature a variety of musical performances, including ones from Stereo MC’s, Dr Feelgood and Rusty Shackle.

All of these acts and many more will be playing at Rodney Parade on June 22, 2019 as part of Portstock 2019.

To get tickets, go to: