Newport auctioneer forced to down the hammer on his latest Arctic Ultra marathon challenge

ULTRA Arctic marathon competitor Paul Fosh is due back in Wales tomorrow (Thursday) after being forced to pull out of an event in the Yukon Arctic in -40c temperatures.

Paul, aged 52, owner of Newport-based Paul Fosh Auctions, was taking part in his third and most arduous and longest Arctic challenge, the 430-mile Arctic Ultra in north west Canada.

The father-of-two from Monmouth set off on the marathon on Sunday but faced with increasingly hazardous Arctic Circle conditions had to call it day and was taken back to base camp.

A spokesperson for Paul Fosh Auctions, who has been tracking Paul’s course in the Yukon, said: “The temperatures were dipping below -40c and Paul was really worried about getting frost bite. He wasn’t eating properly and as a result lost energy. In the end he couldn’t eat.

“It was a vicious circle and in the end he just didn’t have the energy to carry on and had to pull out.

“News got to us that Paul had to withdraw from the Arctic race.

“With conditions dropping to -40 degrees Celsius on the previous night, Paul camped in his tent to keep warm.

“Unfortunately, he was struggling to take any food on and with his energy levels being depleted, made the agonising decision to pull out for his own safety

“He’s now safe and sound back at base camp and could be back in the Paul Fosh Auctions office by the end of the week. We’d all like to congratulate Paul on his amazing effort and can’t wait to hear all about it on his return.”

The auctions business hosts its first auction of the year tomorrow evening at The Park Inn, Llanedyrn, Cardiff starting at 5.30pm and auction staff say it’s not unlikely Paul will attend.