Rapidly expanding Gwent specialist insurance broker Quote Detective needed larger premises and was able to find these on the Pontypool business park.

The specialist phone-based insurance business, which has plans to boost its workforce up to 100 by the end of next year, is moving to a bespoke office location on the park to accommodate its growing business.

The business, which arrived at Mamhilad Park Estate with 12 staff after it outgrew its previous premises, is owned by Next Risk solutions Ltd. It works with leading businesses in the world of insurance broking and online quote comparison sites.

Quote Detective has moved to interim offices, doubling the space it currently has, as its new long-term headquarters is being completed ready for early 2019.

Johnsey Estates chief executive James Crawford said: “We have seen Quote Detective grow ever since they moved into their first office space at the park. We have been with them every step of the way ensuring that they are happy and have what they need.

“They arrived here relatively small having outgrown their previous base. They have grown as they expected and we have been happy to accommodate that growth. Quote Detetctive is now ready for a more permanent location where it has taken a five year lease to consolidate the business and also to provide space into which to grow in a central location.

“This leaves us with the task of finding new tenants for the modern, connected space that they have vacated.

“Ideally what we aim to do is to find a replacement business to take the space and replicate the success of a business like Quote Detective.

“Currently we have 90 per cent of our small offices let, it’s the larger space such as that being made available with the expansion of this business which we are now targeting to fill. We have a created a model of success which we now want to replicate.”

Quote Detective chief executive David Harlow said: “We’re very pleased with how we have been able to move into the new office space as an interim measure ahead of a permanent move for the entire team to new premises which are being created to our own specification and design in another building here.

“Johnsey Estates have bent over backwards to accommodate our requirements. We’ve built up an understanding with Johnsey Estates over the time we’ve been here; they know where we’re going in terms of the business and what we want and consistently deliver on our requirements.

“The interim office is new and exactly how we want. We’re now looking forward to all coming together in the new space in the spring of 2019. The new office, on which we’ve taken a five year lease, will have the capacity to accommodate 150 people so there’ll be room for growth.”