Monmouthshire farming family prepare to welcome guests to their dairy

MONMOUTHSHIRE dairy farmers Lawrence and Izabela Hembrow, and their children William and Abigail, are looking forward to welcoming families to their farm.

The Gwent family will throw the gates open to Mead Farm at Redwick, near Magor, on Sunday, June 10, as part of Open Farm Sunday.

The farm is among many farms across the region which will be welcoming visitors next month as part of a national event, the Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF) Open Farm Sunday.

Dairy farmers Lawrence and Izabela, who run Mead Farm Foods, were honoured recently at the Senedd, Cardiff, when they were finalists in the Wales Local Food and Drink Category at the Countryside Alliance Awards.

“It’ll be a wonderful opportunity to show people, especially youngsters, a working dairy, to sample some of our products and also to see our wonderful electric milk float which does all the hard work delivering all of our home-produced milk, cream and butter along with eggs bacon and bread to homes in the locality.

“Our children, William and Abigail, are particularly excited about showing others of their age parts of the farm.

“If visitors are lucky they may also meet our lively and excitable cocker spaniel Lucy who is more than likely to try to take over proceedings on the day!”

Mead Farm Foods, on 190-acres, delivers its home-produced milk locally to families and businesses in Redwick and areas of Undy, Magor, Caldicot, Langstone, Chepstow and Tutshill, taking orders online.

Mead Farm Foods currently produces and delivers its fresh farm milk, cream and farmhouse butter along with locally sourced free-range eggs, bacon and bread and also take orders from local shops, cafes and restaurants.

Open Farm Sunday, on June 10, will see hundreds of farmers open their gates to welcome the public and showcase all that agriculture delivers.

Many farms are offering free events and some will open farm shops and offer refreshments for visitors to enjoy.

The event based on the theme of The Great British Farm Day and LEAF say that the event has a huge positive impact on helping people understand all that farming delivers

Annabel Shackleton, manager of the event, said: “From the wheat for our bread and cereals, and the potatoes and pork for our sausage and mash, through to crops for fuel, clothes and even cosmetics, it all begins on a farm.

“Farmers play a vital part in our daily lives and LEAF Open Farm Sunday is your chance to be part of The Great British Farm Day and show your support for British farmers and farming.”

To find out more about LEAF Open Farm Sunday and which farms are opening near you on the 10th June visit